N.K. Abdullahi


A Very-Low Frequency measurement in E-M mode and geo-chemical analysis of soil and water samples were conducted at Zango abattoir in Tudun Wada area, Kaduna South, Kaduna State, Northwest, Nigeria. The aim is to study the potential for contaminants intrusion into and consequent contamination of soil/groundwater and to examine the impact of livestock dung on soil/ground water status in the study area. The VLF data were acquired at 5 m intervals along two (2) profiles with maximum length of 60 m in the North-South direction. Quantitative interpretation achieved through inversion of the VLF-EM data detected fractures/ lithological boundaries that may possibly serves as conduit for the movement of solid waste contaminants into the soil/ground water. Analysis of water samples from existing hand dug wells deviated from WHO standards, thus, complementing the VLF - EM results while analysis of  results of soil samples shows that the engineering properties of the soil in the study area has been affected as a result of solid waste accumulation.

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