Antibacterial Activity of Some Nigerian Medicinal Plants

Dabai Y. U., Mohammad S. S.


Antibacterial activity of three plant used medically in Sokoto township viz:- Bantrinia thonningi, Linn. Angeiossus schimpeir Linn. and Cassia occidentalis Linn. were assessed against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhi. Results showed that S. aureus and E. coli were partially sensitive to B. thonningi, showing 1-2mm zone of inhibition from the Ditch method and 4mm zone of inhibition against S. aureus for Disc Diffusion, with gradual increase in activity as the concentrations increased. The highest zone of inhibition of 3mm was observed against S. aureus using Angeiossu schimpri. There was no activity against E. coli and S. typhi. Cassia occidentalis was observed to have a maximum activity on S. typhi using both methods. In each case, a maximum inhibition zone of 16mm was recorded. S. aureus showed a little response (2 mm) and E. coli remained insensitive.

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