Adaptation Measures By Crop Farmers In The Southeast Rainforest Zone Of Nigeria To Climate Change

Oyeneke R. U., Madukwe D. K.


The study used primary data to analyse the responses of crop farmers from rainforest zone of Imo and Abia States of Nigeria to adaptation measures to climate change in the southeast rainforest zone of Nigeria. The primary data were collected with the use of questionnaire administered to sixty crop farmers and data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics. The result showed that the common adaptation option used by farmers is portfolio diversification (20.0%) while 43.3% of the farmers surveyed did not use any adaptation measure. Nearly half of the farmers surveyed have not chosen any adaptation measure to climate change due to lack of finance and information. It is recommended that government policies should ensure that farmers have access to affordable credit, extension, land to increase their ability and flexibility to change production strategies in response to perceived climate change.

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