Seasonal Variations in Physicochemical Properties of Water in Some Selected Locations of The Lagos Lagoon

  • Ladipo M. K. Department of Polymer/Textile Technology, Yaba College of Technology, Lagos.
  • Ajibola V. O. Department of Chemistry, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
  • Oniye S. J. Department of Biological Sciences, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.


The seasonal and spatial distributions of physicochemical parameters that determine water quality was studied in the Lagos Lagoon. Nine locations were selected according to the activities that take place in the areas. Parameters that determine water quality were measured during the months of February and July that represent dry and rainy season. Physical water quality parameters such as salinity, EC and TDS showed strong seasonal variation amongst stations and evaporation seem to be a major controlling force for these parameters in the lagoon. Generally, the data obtained suggests that anthropogenic disturbances and the establishment of several types of activities with increased point and non-point storm water runoff shunted directly into Lagos Lagoon has negatively affected the water quality and made relationships between most of the parameters and the different locations complex.