Magnetic Lineaments of the Kuri River Basin, Western Part of the Younger Granite Province, Central Nigeria

  • M.D. Dogara Department of Physics, Kaduna State University, Kaduna,


A ground magnetic survey of the Kuri River Basin located within some parts of Lere and Kauru Local Government Areas of Kaduna State, Nigeria was carried out with the aim of studying the magnetic lineaments of the basin. Measurements were carried out on 62 base stations and 352 detailed stations using the Proton Magnetometer and employing the leap-frog sequence of field observations. From the contoured magnetic maps, magnetic lineaments were obtained based on magnetic susceptibility contrast. These lineaments and/or geologic features appear as thin elliptical closures and nosings. The trend of the magnetic lineaments on the average is on the North to South direction, which is in agreement with the structural trend and magnetic lineaments observed by other researchers in and around the area.