Platelet Counts And Mean Platelet Volume Amongst Elderly Nigerians.

  • Toryila J. E. Human Physiology Department, Faculty of Medicine, ABU Zaria
  • Amadi K. Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Jos
  • Adelaiye A. B. College of Health Science, University of Abuja


The study was conducted in Zaria, Nigeria aimed at determining reference values of Platelet Counts,  Mean Platelet Volume and the relationship between the Platelet Count and Mean Platelet Volume. These parameters were determined from 400 healthy elderly subjects comprising 210 males and 190 females.  with a mean age of 69.4±7.9 years . 400 young adults were used as control comprising 200 males and females respectively with a mean age  of 24.1 ±4.2years.  Healthy elderly adults had a mean platelet count of 161.8±3.0 X 109/L and 214.5±3.1 X 109/Lin males and females respectively. Sex and age differences in platelet counts were observed in the elderly subjects (P < 0.05). The mean (SEM) for mean platelet volume for healthy elderly males and females was 9.8±0.6 fl and 9.7±0.6 fl respectively. There was an inverse correlation between mean platelet volume and platelet counts  (r = - 0.286, P < 0.05). Platelet count was lower in healthy elderly subjects compared to the young adults control (P < 0.05). The use of separate reference value of platelet count in the elderly is advocated.