Energy Dependence of Electron-Ytterbium Total Cross-Sections Using The Partial Wave Decomposition Method: A Comparison With The Born And Eikonal Approximation Methods And NIST SRD 64.

  • Abdu S. G. Department of Physics, Kaduna State University, Kaduna.
  • Babaji G. Department of Physics, Bayero University, Kano-Nigeria


Computations of the Total Cross-Sections (TCS) of elastic electron-Ytterbium scattering were carried out using the partial wave decomposition method with the Lenz-Jensen potential at various incident energies. Results were compared with data obtained using the Born approximation method,  Eikonal approximation method and the National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) Standard Reference Database (SRD) 64 of the U.S.A. There is good agreement between our results and the data from Eikonal approximation and NIST SRD 64. However, data from the Born approximation disagree with our results at lower incident energies. This disagreement is anticipated as the Born approximation is valid only at high electron incident energies